My style glow up

“Hey guys what’s up welcome back to the blog” – spoken like a true You Tuber! But I’m not a “you tuber” 🤠 I’m a just a blogger ⭐️ Anyways I have recently been getting into more of my “style” lately and I wanted to share with you my “style evolution” you could say 🤟🏻 I hope you legends enjoy this 💿

In the middle of our youth as humans we always will have those few years of just terrible clothing but it was acceptable because we were just kids. Throughout primary school i never cared what i wore, it wasn’t a big issue for me. My style from around 12 was pretty much white and blue. I never had too much color in my clothes it was pretty bare. Ever since i started my blog on Instagram my style had changed and i started to actually put effort into what i wore on a daily basis.


Processed with VS CO with hb1 preset

My style had changed to more of a minimal look and i had got a lot of inspiration from a range of people on what i wanted to wear. Nearly all my clothes were grey and white and i really liked the look i was presenting in my posts.


My minimal look was apart of my every day clothes and i really was liking it.

I remember saying how i hate having bright colors in my outfits when now i love having colors in my outfits meaning my style has changed. Ever since i restarted my account I started liking colors in my outfits. Such as: yellow, red, blue. I don’t tend to go for the actual color i will usually get different shades of the color for example if i go for yellow i will go for a mustard, if i go for a blue i will go for baby blue instead of just straight out blue. My style has changed a lot since 2017 and i’m glad it has. I love searching for new colors and materials for my outfits.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe this has helped find your style! Subscribe or follow for more posts like this every freakin sunday!

peace out loves

– Til next time

Luke x


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