Answering your Questions

Welcome back legends! ⚡️ Today i have dedicated this blog post to answering your questions. I did a poll last week asking you for some questions and thankyou so much for the feedback! 💓

I have tried to answer as many questions as possible!

Hope you enjoy ✌🏻

Question 1 – What is it like living in Australia?

  • @gracedoesblogs

Living in Australia is soo fun!! I was born in Australia, I have travelled through Australia and I’m happy to call it my home. I also am extremely lucky to live in such a safe environment as well and I’m very grateful to the protection I have had so far!

Question 2 – What inspired you to start blogging?

  • @marianthropologie

Good question! I have always been so enthusiastic about making content of my own and meeting new people through social media! so I thought why not make an account where I can do all of those great things! I also got a lot of inspiration from well know bloggers & influencers! And my dream is to be an influencer one day!

Question 3 – Would you consider blogging as a hobby or a passion? + any tips for me + when did you start blogging?

  • @positively.mia

I would considering blogging for me both a hobby and a passion because 1 I work on my blog in my spare time and 2 I always put myself and my feelings into what I post! Tips? I honestly would have to say put out what you want to share! Don’t get caught up in something that you don’t like putting out! share what u dream, think, create or write. Also try to build friendships from your followers! Always interact with them! Get to know your audience better. I started my Instagram account (itslukesblog) – self promo WHOOPS on the 1st of April! and its been running ever since!

Question 4 – Do you write your own stories?

  • Also cant remember who wrote this one!!!! sorry

This is a very good question! I actually do! I have always loved creating my own stories and bringing my imagination to life! I also love reading books. Not just writing! I actually have an app called wattpad and it allows you to make an account and publish my own stories!! If you wanna go  check my stories out my user is @lukecassey

Question 5 – What have you gained from blogging? + Favourite bloggers?

  • @Purely.ella

I have gained a lot from blogging! Blogging has helped me create a place that I can share what I love doing! and it has helped me discover a wide range of wonderful people that i talk to on a daily basis. Blogging has produced so much happiness for me and I’m glad i made the decision to make one!

My favorite bloggers would probably have too be @shethespy @aspynovard @taramilktea @jordan.e.clark @amandarachlee! They have influenced me alot and has helped me find out new things to create.

Question 6 – Fav band, biggest regret, favorite book, best memory?

  • (cant find who wrote this sorry!)

My favourite band? hmmmmmm…… This is really hard to answer I have too many! Probably The Beatles or Fleetwoodmac.

Biggest regret would have to be that is that i hadn’t started blogging earlier. I wish i had have started blogging a lot earlier so i could have looked back on my blog posts from years prior!

Favourite book would have too be Twilight!!! I’m obsessed with the series HANDS DOWN! I just cant get sick ore bored of it. I just recently finished the 2nd last book so I’m on the last one now! I have gotta admit i have read through them pretty quickly.

Best memory would be going down to Port Macquarie every year with my family!

Question 7 – Whats your number 1 tip for staying organised?

  • @Sparkedblog

My number 1 tip would be to plan you events out! Ever since i have started my bujo i have just genuinely been more organised. I always make sure my clothes, room etc is clean and organised! and once that is done i have a better environment to work/be in! I also find it very helpful just to quickly jot some stuff i need done in my journal for that day because i find when i have wrote it down that i feel more obliged and dedicated to do it because its too easy to just say it in your head and than you forget!

Question 8 – Favourite city you have ever been too?

  • @van_essa4

My favourite city would probably have too be Sydney because I really like the area! Its great for site seeing, good for photos and its perfect for exploring! try not to get lost its pretty big. My favourite place in the city would have to be either The Rocks (A bunch of markets) or Circular Quey *Probs not how you spell it*

Question 9 – How can i get more confidence?

  • (Sorry cant remember this one either)

I would just have to say to believe in yourself and your capabilities! never once doubt yourself and be who you want to be! Don’t let others judgement/opinions get in the way of what you love doing! Judge yourself not from others but by you! strive yourself to be the best version of yourself! and than no one can stop you from doing what you want!

Question 10 = who are your top ten favourite youtubers and why?

  • Also cant remember who wrote this really sorry
  1. Marla Catherine – I love her videos her personality! and shes so retro!
  2. Conan Gray – I love his videos and how he shares all his memories!
  3. Amanda Rachlee – I love her Bullet Journal setups
  4. Avery Ovard – I love all her videos
  5. Gemary – shes so aesthetic and i love all of her videos especially her weekly vlogs 
  6. Isla Brewer – shes soo funny and i always laugh while watching her videos
  7. Alisha Marie – Im always excited to watcher her creative videos
  8. Jeremy Clyde – I love his style!
  9. Emma Chamberlin – We all love her videos
  10. Elena Taber – I love her travel vlogs!!

Thank you so much legends for watching this weekly upload. I hope you enjoyed it!

Make sure to join the insta family – @Itslukesblog🙏🏻😉

Also make sure to stick around for BLOGMAS!!!! Ahhhhhhhh i cant wait!

Hope to see you next time

— peace out

Luke x


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