Blogmas post 1: My Christmas Wishlist

Hey hey! Its Luke back with my very first Blogmas post!! Aahhh hasn’t the year gone quick? Its already FRICKIN DECEMBER!! Im so excited to be doing Blogmas and i’m glad i decided too! So get ready for some aesthetic Christmas content!

I have too many gifts i want so i need to narrow it down a bit…lol so here is my top christmas gifts that i want for this year!



  1. I really would like a yellow pair of old school vans

They just give a really vintage vibe and i think they would go perfect with my outfits and pictures! They also look really comfortable to wear so that’s really good as well!

2. The next item i would love to get is some more Polaroid film because i waste it too quick and i need some desperately. I mean who doesn’t love a good Polaroid, if not who are you???? jk lol

3. The next item that I want is something i kinda know I’m getting because i had to show it to my mum and we actually have to order it lol


Its a really cool retro wavy grid case and i have been looking for a case like this for ages and i cant wait to have it!!! And also its highly needed because i have a dirty clear case now and it isn’t meeting MY EXPECTATIONS lol.

4. I kinda am wanting some new bedding and some more pillows because i don’t have enough!!

++ I also think the grid bed quilt cover would be a good pack drop for my photos!

5. I really want some more plants for my room as well just to make it look more “AESTHETIC” lol i’m basic.

6. I’m badly in need of some new clothes (not really lol) i really want like a big hoodie/sweater to wear!! That’s kind of a dumb decision because its gonna be Summer in Australia and it gets really hot where i live! I also want some new denim jeans!!

I literally just got a new pair of jeans but they weren’t denim!

7.  I also want a few more items for my bujo, i want some more colored “markers”  some more washi tape and some more outliners!


Really in need of these!

8. I also want a new bag!! i reallly want those ‘aesthetic bags” that no one can pronounce. Probably wont get it but let me dream!

9. I also really want one of those cute record players but i’m probably not going to get one either lol but who knows i will ask??

10. Now for the last item i wants is *Drum roll please*  i want some new books to read because i’m nearly finished the twilight series and i want a new series preferably a fantasy!!! If you have any ideas please leave some in the comments

So that wraps my first blogmas post up!!! I hope you legends enjoyed reading and stay in tune for more blogmas posts every Saturday!! But don’t forget my usual ones every Sunday!!

Please Please leave a comment on some of the gifts you want!!! I truly hope you get it!!

Ok, ill let you go

Until next time



6 thoughts on “Blogmas post 1: My Christmas Wishlist

  1. gracedoesblogs says:

    loved this blog post luke! your style is so amazing! my friend is Swedish and she
    said it’s pronounced ‘con-ken’ ahahah! also i totally agree that the twilight series is the best! great post, can’t wait for more blogmas 🎄💛

    Liked by 1 person

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