December Bujo Spread

Heyyyy!!! ✌🏻🌞 What! isn’t this insane? i have already had to created my DECEMBER Bullet Journal spread!! 🎄 The year gone really quick?? But i am so so excited for Christmas & the new years! I really enjoyed making this spread! I love Christmas so i involved that fully throughout my spread!! I hope you enjoy this post! If so let me know in the comments🦋

++ Also excited to say that today’s post is a collab with the awesome @purely.ella!! ⭐️ You must go check her super retro blog out! She blogs Fashion, Bullet journal, photography and lifestyle posts!! So definitely go check out her groovy blog! ✨

Anyway’s lets get into the post


So honestly admitting this was not my first attempt…. lol. This was actually my 2nd *whoops* but oh well! Its just that.. well my first attempt didn’t go to plan *scrathes head*

Anyways! On this page i really tried to highlight the ‘Christmas Spirit’ so i hopped on to good ‘ol Pinterest and got some Aesthetic Christmas Images🎄✨ Printed them and ‘TA DA’ I also used the ‘layering technique’ through my spread, so you will see that in the upcoming pictures 😉 ++ I used my new washi tape for a pop and the ‘ripped page effect’ for a vintage look.

✰Monthly Planner✰

So with my monthly planner i just drew it up using my Artline 200 – Fine 0.4. I’m obsessed with this pen!! i have like 4 of them and i have used them in both of my setups! I just wrote on the side my ‘Monthly Bucket list’ Then under just a little Quote ‘Tis the season’ 

+ I aslo added more of the ripped page affect, washi tape and photos from pinterest! Also i used my red fine pen from OfficeWorks to go over the little quote.

✰Blog Ideas +Wish list✰

So on this page i dedicated it to some blog post ideas because i think it would be a good idea to create a page where i can jot my ideas down (and obviously i needed it too look good….lol) I also added my wish list at the bottom and to the side a Polaroid of my presents from last year!

I tried to add some nice blue to the page as well as some yellow and brown.

I thought that gave the page a nice splash of colour! 🌈

✰To Do List + Monthly Favorites✰

Now hands down this would have to be my favorite page that i did in this spread! As you can see i used a lot of layering on this page giving it more of a detailed look! I added some ripped pages to the side and i stuck on some pinterest photos including the picture of this adorable dog with Christmas lights wrapped around him!

I don’t particularly like gluing my pictures down so that’s where my washi tape shined! I’m obsessed with the star print tape it gives such an ‘Aesthetic’ look to the page.

+ I really tried to highlight my browns and reds on this page because i thought they would look good together!

✰Thank you 2018 : Wrap up the year✰

So i thought… you know its the end of the year! How i about i wrap it up to say what i’m thankful for about 2018! I again just did some doodles around the edges to give me some space to write down! i also added some Christmas ornaments to the side of the title!

I also put some washi tape to the side! layering them together! and at the bottom a cut up photo of a hot chocolate!


And that wraps up 2018! *Wow

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you liked it! And I hope it has given you some inspiration to start one too! ✌🏻

I love you legends! And I will see you next Saturday for another groovy Christmas post 🎄

Peace out,

Luke x


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