Blogmas post 2: Jazzy Christmas song playlist

Heyyyy Back with my next blogmas post comin at youuu!✨ So today i thought its the start of Christmas so why not give you a jazzy song playlist to listen to throughout the month!!! Idk about you but music is everything to me and i think its always good to have a jazzy playlist to dance too ✌

So sit down! Get comfortable and get ready to download the best songs you will hear throughout the month!!!

🎄 lets get into it


get ready for some jazzy songs✌

Christmas Song Playlist

  1. We need a little Christmas – Johnny Mathis🎄
  2. Winter wonderland – Michael Buble 🎶
  3. The Christmas song – Nat King Cole💕
  4. Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Johnny Mathis✨
  5. The Men in the red Suit – Peppermint Kandy kids✌
  6. Santa Clause is coming to town – Bing Crosby💖
  7. Up on the house top – Gene Autry🎃
  8. We need a little Christmas – Peppermint Kandy Kids🍂
  9. My favorite things -Andy williams
  10. Santa tell me – Ariana Grande🌹

Thanks for reading! And I hope this has gave you some festive songs to listen through the month! I know this post was pretty short! But I promise my next post won’t be! 🌞

+ The Holidays are coming and I’m so excited get ready for some groovy content ⭐️

Stay cool 🧙🏻‍♂️

– luke x


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