Blogmas post 3: Let’s get in the Christmas spirit/ What I love about Christmas

Hey legends! Back with anther Blogmas post cominnnn at youuuuuuu😜✨ So today i thought why not share with you a “what i love about Christmas” post because its the time of year that makes you remember what you like most about the season and I’m sure i can list a few! I do wish i could write about the snow and how cozy it is on my list but sadly its just stinkin hot for us Aussies!

But anyway lets get into the post

What I love About Christmas



Decorations are essential at Christmas it sets the mood for the month and you have to get them up right away at the start of the month! You can choose themes to play with! what colors you like to involve and not! My family usually adds green, gold and silver to their decorations (and red of course) we usually just stick to those colors every year! I wish i could say we went and got a real Christmas tree but sadly we use a FAKE but don’t worry our tree still does the job. My family has boxes and boxes of ornaments, tinsel, bears, candles and basically everything you need to decorate a house with!✨My parents stick to the same decorations for the tee🎄 usually but they always will go out and got some small decorations for the house!

Each year i try too decorate my room as much to get the “Christmas” vibe going! But i can never seem to be able to do it justice 😦 But this year i think i did it a bit better….. well its getting there!😁👍💖


Now for food! Food is a very big thing in Christmas especially on Christmas day! For food my family loves to cook a lot!! Even if we go to one of our other family’s house for the day we will always be helping! But theirs also a lot of prepping! I always love to help make the food for the day it really gets the “Christmas” vibe going which is essential of course! The whole point is too eat way too much and feel way too full after! The main thing i love about Christmas day is too have all of my friends and family over and eat a lot lol👍


My family Christmas traditions every year are putting up the decorations together, buying/making presents for one another, seeing friends and family throughout the month, buying amazing food because its ‘Christmas”, listening to the same songs on repeat, playing board games, eating way too much, stressing over what presents to get, seeing family constantly and always saying how the year has gone so fast!

I love my family traditions because its what makes the month fun and interesting, its why i love Christmas the most (if you can’t tell yet, Christmas is my favorite holiday) I hope everyone is able to list their favorite things to do in Christmas and what brings them joy

I hope you enjoyed ❤

Thank you so so much for watching legends⚡ I hope this post helps remind you of what you love most about Christmas 🎄

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Once again thank you so much for reading 💖

Ill see you next time



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