My self care products (skin,body)

Hey legends✨✌

Hows it been! Hope its been going AMAZING!! Today i thought i would show you some of my favorite products for my body that i have been loving throughout 2018 and what has helped clear up a lot of my acne! So keep on scrolling to find out what i have been using!😜💕

+I hope some of these items might even help you in the future!✨

Lets get into it

✰Tea Tree face wash: Thursday Plantation

This acne face wash is an actual BLESSING It goes so well with my skin when i put it on! Once applied it takes of all the dirt and grease off your face from the day you had! (I do it nightly) Once you have washed it off you are left with a smooth, clean face! and im obsessed with it!

This is a must recommend to anyone that has any trouble with acne or oily skin!😜

✰Dermaveen : Daily nourish

I use Dermaveen in the morning when i have a shower✌ I don’t always use it but when I’m not half asleep in the shower! I try too…lol

This was what i originally applied to my face before i got my Tea Tree Face Wash!

✰Face Masks

Now for face masks its not something i do every day or night! I only get them when i really need too! I usually go for the peel off type! But i will sometimes use the face masks that you don’t need to rub in! My favorite mask is this “Charcoal Peel Off”💕✨ I prefer this one because it tends to take more off than the other ones i have used!

P.S yes there is some of the mask on the font….. 😉

✰Lynx Body spray: Black

For deodorant i will usually only use Lynx because i like their scent! I have been using Lynx for quite a while now and i’m just used to the smell! This is highly recommended for any Australian person at the moment because its not winter!  Its summer!!🌞which i love but i’m always sweating so i have been using this a lot more than I usually will 🌈

✰Nivea: Essential care

This lip balm is an actual blessing🌟 To the end of 2017 and throughout 2018 my lips have always been dry and they would always crack!! I would at least 1 time a week wake up with blood on my TEETH It was disgusting!😒🤦‍♂️ But ever since i started using the lip balm its never happened! So i 10/10 recommend this lip balm legends ⚡

And that brings us to an end!✰

I hope you enjoyed my post!! If so let me know in the comments ✌😜

Also i would like to say how amazing the support has been on my Blogmas posts!! Ypu guys truly are legends 💕

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Once again thanks for all the love!

Ill see you in my next post legends!

-Luke x


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