Easy/Homemade aesthetic Christmas card Ideas: Blogmas Post 4

Hey legends whats up!!💖✨ I cant believe that tomorrow night will be CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Isn’t that crazy!! I’m so excited😜 I have finally finished buying/making my Christmas presents for everyone and i cant wait to hand them out!! Are you excited for Christmas or not?!

Anyway! I thought its two days away from Christmas so I thought i would show you how to make a simple, aesthetic Christmas card for someone! This can be made last minute its so easy! Now this is sort of a “tutorial” but not. You don’t have to copy everything i do! I’m just doing this to help spark some ideas if you are struggling! This is not professional or fancy 😂 or anything like that its just an idea✨✌

Lets get into it!

1st Page

Now for the first step I would grab some colored paper if you have it! Also 1 A 4 sheet of paper! Once you have that fold the A4 sheet in half to make it into a card!✨ This is where you can choose what color’s you would like to incorporate in your card ✨

Now that you have chosen your colors you can now think of how you want to put them on the page 🌟 I cut out a rectangle for the title because i thought it would make the title look better and stand out more than just simply writing it on to the actual sheet! You don’t have to do that! Remember its just an idea!

Now i just decided to cut out a heart to put next to the title to make it look more cute!


I than just hopped onto pinterest! Went to my Christmas board and printed out the cutest photo of a little cat lying around a bunch of Christmas items! 💖 I instantly knew that i had to use this picture! Sadly it printed out in B&W but i still used it!

I than just used some washi tape to stick the image on!✨

and Ta Da ⚡

The title page is done!

2nd Page

For the second page I just printed out a photo of a cute hot chocolate from pinterest and stuck on a polaroid I found from my draw! Stuck on by washi tape🌞🌈 I wouldn’t use this for an actual card (Defeats the whole purpose of my post) I just thought it might give you some more inspo for some photos!

3rd Page

Than on the next page I just cut out 2 red and green rectangles at the top and the bottom of the page leaving space to write your message! 🌈🌈🌈

Than on the back of the card i just stuck on a quote from pinterest “Warm Holiday Wishes”🎄✨

and that is it!

Thankyou so much Legends for reading this post and i hope you enjoyed it & that it gave some of you guys in need some inspo ✨✨✨

If you guys liked this post! Let me know in the comments! I love seeing your messages! It makes my day✨💖

Ill let you go!

-Luke x


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