My Christmas Day + ootd: Final Blogmas Post

Hey legends whats up! Last blogmas post today!! Christmas went too fast😳🎄 Now for 2019! Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the legends out there that have helped me shape my blog! Some of the people are @purely.ella @itsliddystyle @sparkedblog @saltwatersammy and @infinitelyadaydreamer 💕 Thanks guys!

Anyway! Christmas this year was a lot of fun spent with my family so i thought to close off blogmas why not tell you what i did on Christmas and show you what i wore that day✨

Keep on reading to find out

What I did on Christmas

So firstly i obviously woke up, but what kind of shocked me is that i actually slept in and that’s not usually normal for me because I’m always up at 6 Getting everybody else up  but i slept into like 8:00am but that didn’t stop me from getting out of bed! Once i woke up i went out to the lounge room and sat down. My parents will usually make us wait because they like too watch the news for a bit and drink their tea but once they were finished we go right into the presents✌🌈

After we opened all of our presents i decided to quickly take a photo of my favorite items that my amazing parents go for me (I’m so so grateful).

So these are the gifts that i truly just fell in love with ✌✨ Thanks mum and dad!

After that we just hung out for a bit played a board game that my mum bought for the family! It was more of a brainy game but it was still fun to play! We than started preparing the food for our dinner/lunch we did it that way because 1 there was a lot of food being made! and 2 we had it later in the day!✌

I quickly took a photo of the table before we served the food! Because our table would soon be filled with food everywhere!

Now with the food

The food was so good! I’m glad we weren’t planing on eating anything after because i was way too full!🌟

After that we chilled for a bit and we than went and looked at some Christmas lights around the neighborhood✨✨✨💖

Christmas Ootd

My head looks like an alien lol

So that was our chill Aussie Christmas day ✨✌

I hope you enjoyed this post legends 🌈 If you did let me know in the comments and tell me what you did on Christmas⚡ Thanks fore reading!

Before you go join the Insta fam bam @Itslukesblog 👍💕

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas🎄

Until next time

-Luke x


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