What I got for Christmas 2018

Hey hey! whats up Legends!✨

☆ Hope you are having an amazing time wherever you are! And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and you got everything you wished foooor.

So I know its not Christmas anymore and this post is just a little late considering its already the new year… lol but never the less I’m still posting it! ☆

This post is quite popular and i have seen a lot of bloggers do it so I guess you could say I’m following the trend lol 😜✌

I hope you enjoy this post!

*Lets hop on into it*

What I got for Christmas 2018

☆ I firstly got a cute little hanging plant for my room! and i’m obsessed with it✨ It really makes my room look so much more *AESTHETIC* lol (From Kmart i think)

☆ I obviously had to stock up on some more Polaroid film because i had none left 😉 ITS ESSENTIAL 😜

☆ I got some new clothes + Including a stranger things shirt that i got a bit later that I’m obsessed with!! *Who doesn’t like stranger things*✨🤷‍♀️ + A new drink bottle

☆ I am completely obsessed with these!! I got a candle and a cauldron from the “Harry Potter” section in Typo and they are amazing!! Also my favorite thing about the candle is that it is scented and colored to what House You are in!! 🌞 I’m a very proud Raven claw so my color is blue and i love the scent!

☆ Now for one of my favorite items I got! 🌞Crayola Super-tips!🌞 These are amazing and i cannot wait to use them in my bujo! I’m so so in love with these BABIES💕

☆ I also got another plant and I’m obsessed with it! I think i need to name it lol✨🌈

☆ This is kinda random but i also got a day lip balm to use during the day + It has sunscreen in it! and it smells soooo good lol

Lastly i got some new skincare (daily + nightly moisturizer) and a new crate to hold it✨✨and i had a really ugly plant container so i bought a new one to put the plant in so it only shows the plant.

*Yayyyyyyyyyy* Thank you so so much for reading this post! I love you legends more than you know and i hope you enjoyed my post💕⚡

☆ I’m going away for a week from tomorrow and i can’t wait to get back to the beach! I will still try to be active! I promise✨

“Thank you for coming and i say good– *Sucked into a time machine*

☆ Byeeeeeeeee x


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